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"I think about you all the time and I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life and I thank God every day for that. You have a real talent and I have an indescribable amount of respect for you. I really want to do something in return but I honestly have no idea what could measure up to what you did for me. I truly hope I get to see you again sometime soon!" Kylie C.

"Chris you are unbelievably talented! I have gone to many psychics over the years, and none have been able to pinpoint specific areas in my life, with accurate information, like you have! You are a truly a gifted person!" - Suzanne K.

"I met Chris through my cousin and have had several readings over the last few years. Chris is always so accurate w/ the information he provides. His caring, nurturing readings always put me in a better place, both mentally and physically. From the crystals I purchased, books I have read and the green tea I now drink, Chris has had a positive effect on my life. I am so grateful that I have met him and plan to continue having readings done w/ him in the future. Thanks!" - Donna

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"I had a reading back in February and although this testimony is long overdue, it is no less heartfelt. Your insight and the caring nature in which you revealed information to me was very much appreciated. I have listened to the recording of our session many times and with each review I found something that I missed the first (or second or third) time around. I was skeptical about a phone reading but soon found the experience with you eye-opening and as strange as it might seem, relaxing. You were spot on with your reading of two people in particular who have passed on and my current situation. Although some of what you had to say was difficult to hear, I can now appreciate having the information for which to base some of my future decisions on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Warm regards Darlene"

"I had a reading with Chris last January. It was amazing. He was able to contact my parents, who are deceased. There was no doubt at all in my mind that he reached them. Things happened months later that tied in with the things he told me that day. Since talking with him, I've been reading books about psychics and realize that our loved ones who have passed are here and can be contacted if we are "open" to it, and we believe. I feel sorry for people who don't believe; and there are many. I look forward to another reading with Chris sometime soon." - Tara

"You did a reading for me recently and it helped me feel so much light and faith in the direction I was already headed, that I feel it's important that you speak with my mother. Speaking to you would mean so much to me and her. I feel it's necessary to help her grow. Thanks for doing what you do, you're amazing." - Cathy C

"Christopher, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your amazing gift and your generosity in  sharing your gift with us. I have to tell you that I approached the reading from you with a great deal of skepticism. But I was absolutely convinced that your gift is completely genuine. You delivered messages to us from our son that were clearly in his distinctive tone of voice and used vocabulary that could only have come from him. The most amazing part of the reading was when you repeated an entire conversation that took place after our son had passed away that we had never shared with anyone. Knowing that our son had heard the conversation and that he was present, through you during our reading, gave us a peace of mind that neither of us ever imagined possible. Needless to say, I am no longer a skeptic when it comes to you and your gift. I cannot put into words how grateful we are for your gift, and for the generous and caring way that you shared you gift with us. Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart." - Chip

"My name is Nicole and you did a reading for me yesterday up in Oxford, PA. I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me a piece of mind. You especially gave me closure about my previous relationship that had ended abruptly out of nowhere. A lot of what you said yesterday, justified what has been on my mind this past month. It's given me a sense of direction and more importantly, HOPE, for a beautiful future for myself. I've had two readings before, but none of them compared to you. I was a bit skeptical, because when I first saw you, you looked so young! However, during those 30 minutes of talking and you reading me, I felt so comforted by your presence and your voice. I felt like I was talking to a friend :)" - Nicole

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"I came across my notes of when we last had a reading. Wow, you where spot on! Everything you mentioned about my career has happened like you said and is still happening now. You said real estate would be good between March and May. Real Estate was good between March and May and I did make $3000 dollars! Why? Because I found the perfect house to flip in March and settled by mid-May! The $3000 was the commission I made on the buying side. The property is under contract and I have settlement Sept. 28 which will be a nice pay day;). The salon is now half its staff...another one of your predictions. I am not as busy. You told me to save my money. I think this is the next step in your predictions since you said I will have an opportunity to make alot and then not see anything for a while. We shall see.Thank you for all your hard work! Absolutely amazing!!!" - Deana

"My reading with Chris was amazing! He gave me a huge amount of clarity and direction which is exactly what I’ve needed. I’ve lacked so much passion, fire and drive in my life lately (which isn’t so normal for me) and it was like everything Chris told me was the match to reignite that fire. I’d been stuck in a rut of self doubt and fear and now I feel like I’m up and out and flying towards all this change and excitement and creativity! It feels really good to be excited about something again. I’ve really loved the city of Chicago for a while now and getting the confirmation of how good it would be for me to live there and to do it, and him seeing the life I’d have out there, it was wonderful. Even my grandfather told him to tell me to “Just do it, what the hell”. That was pretty awesome. He told me what a beautiful energy Chicago had and I couldn’t agree more. He also told me I was a writer and that’s something I’d really wanted to pursue but was hesitant… but I’m not anymore. I’m going for it and I know it will be wonderful. I truly appreciate you Chris and your amazing gift!" - Meg

"Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of having several readings from Chris. While it's always interesting to see how the cards shuffle out, what always makes me smile is when he looks up and pulls something out of his intuition that is extra specific to only me. On my first reading he told me I had 3 spirits following me. I knew he was for real at that point because I've been told that by other mediums over the years and I kept it to myself. On my last reading, he told me how a court case would end. While I didn't believe him at the time, it did go exactly how he said. He also warned me of a relationship I was having at the time that he said would end abruptly. Surprisingly, it did. (again, didn't believe him at the time) Finally, what made me write this tonight, at that reading he told me I would know of someone who was pregnant but while I wasn't close to this person, it would effect me in a certain way. Last night I found out who that person was and I had to laugh out loud. Recently I watched an impromptu reading he gave for my brother. He told my brother he would be taking a trip with friends but not with the family. He knew of nothing at the time and wasn't planning anything. Within days, my brother was offered a long weekend getaway with some buddies. It's always interesting whether the reading is your own or someone else's." - Pam K.

"I just wanted to thank you for your time with me. I found it to be very authentic and enlightening. They stated on B. Olsons site you were considered to be a reputable and authentic psychic medium. For me they were right. There is so much more to my life line in the 62 years I’ve lived and I would like to make our meeting a regular one when time permits so that I can freely do the things that are really important to me. I don’t believe that I can attempt anything new without the proper direction. The family generation before me met with a psychic. They put their belief in only one because he was very truthful and upfront with them. I believe it carried them through and in many cases helped them with me. I can’t begin to convey the gratitude I have and I look forward to our next meeting." – Lorelei

"Most people are doubtful when they hear that another person has psychic gifts, I'm one of those people. About two years ago, Christopher changed my mind within less than a minute and that is an extremely difficult thing to do. He has hit the nail on the head with everything I've ever heard him say. He can read you like an open book and his predictions are always accurate. It's very rare that you run into someone who makes a living off of spiritually guiding people, and have them actually care about the person they are helping. Chris is one of the most genuine, caring people this world has ever seen. He's someone who is constantly there to help. He has helped me get through many obstacles, given me insight on things to happen, explained to me why things are the way they are and communicated with relatives who have passed over. I have witnessed things that the normal person would NOT believe. He's a great person who has been blessed with such amazing gifts! - Courtney F.

"Chris is truly gifted! It was my first psychic reading and he was so accurate and in tune with me it shook me to my core! He was warm, genuine and down to earth. His personality is so bright and friendly he made me feel completely at ease despite my nervousness. He started by tuning in with me before I asked him anything. He didn't waste any time or ask any leading questions. He dove right in telling me what he was getting and totally blew my mind! It was one surprise after another as he touched on different areas of my life with such accuracy! Yet at the same time, it felt very natural and peaceful. When I did ask my questions, he was kind and gentle with me and it was clear he really cared. It was such an incredible and life changing experience! I have no doubt about Chris or his abilities. He is absolutely the real thing!" - Sierra R.

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