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Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor Christopher Trotter is a naturally gifted healer. He is a medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairgustant, empath, reiki master and remote viewer. His abilities allow him to help others create a healthy well balanced lifestyle with accurate guidance, offering intuitive solutions and problem solving. Straightforward answers to his clients questions are delivered in a caring, nonjudgmental, compassionate nature.

Readings continuously prove to be an uplifting, positive experience as he channels what your soul needs to know now in the present and near future. A variety of spiritual tools and concepts such as tarot cards, Angel cards, astrology, numerology, remote viewing, psychometry, distance reiki, dream analysis, aromatherapy, sound therapy, meditation, automatic writing, runes and crystals are often utilized to promote the best and most accurate psychic reading. 

Chris has been rated and reviewed as a top consultant, medium and tarot reader  in Pennsylvania as well as across the United States. With many happy returning clients, his vast knowledge of paranormal topics and expertise in the spiritual arts has helped countless people from all walks of life for over 14 years. Rest assured, you have come to the right place if you are searching to find true guidance.

Communication with our loved ones in Spirit (mediumship) can help provide a healthy space for closure, knowing that they are safe and at peace in Heaven. Proof of life after death can be very powerful in aiding with the healing process of grief and loss. Spirit guides often give advice on anything and everything from career paths to family matters, love, relationships, travel, pets, health, finances, real estate, business etc. during their visit. They will share vivid memories, dates, names, places, emotions and descriptive special details. Chris actively interprets and communicates these messages directly to you. This is how spirits show that their love still exists beyond this world and the physical body. It’s a special way of saying, “you are not alone and I’m still here with you!”

He also combines his Life Coaching skills and metaphysical knowledge to help those searching for authentic spiritual support and further self-discovery. Spiritual psychic medium training classes are available on a one-on-one basis, upon request. Teaching others how to learn to develop and use their own talents is one of Christopher’s many passions.

Remember, Psychic Medium readings are a wonderful way to center the mind, body and souls innate needs. When you open yourself up to receive signs from the Universe, beautiful things begin to happen! Transformational energies start to manifest and align us in a healthier, more fulfilling way. Empower yourself today with divine insight into your most pressing questions. Allow yourself the gift to move forward freely with confidence, becoming and creating the best possible version of yourself! Feel your heart and steps become lighter on your soul journey today.

* Virtual Psychic Medium Parties are available via Zoom. *


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To book an appointment please message Christopher directly at 267-642-0430. Same day appointments are available. Chris will call you at the number you provided for your scheduled session.

Preparing for a reading is easy. Simply write down on a piece of paper specific questions that you would like insight into. Chris will call you and focus on the energies surrounding you while providing a unique assessment and overview of what he sees, hears and feels.

His gifts allow him to access and connect with past, present and future information to help guide others on their journey. Areas of focus generally include but are not limited to love, relationships, career, finances, travel, health, business, spiritual balance and special messages from the dearly departed. Tarot cards and Angel cards are utilized to gain further knowledge.

After he is finished the initial "life path review" you may ask him your hand-written questions. Most of the time, Chris will have answered them before you even ask. Please note that having a quiet space and pen and paper is crucial to gaining the most out of your personal and private experience.

Information from Spirit channels through him very quickly. This is why jotting down notes is highly recommended and will help you to reflect after your session has ended, as *voice recording is not permitted*.

If you are seeking to communicate with a loved one on the other side, please kindly write down their first name or names on your paper. 

Before the phone call, take some time to reflect on your shared memories together. Ask them to join in communicating with us by delivering unique special messages during your consultation. 

Some clients choose to light a candle and bring personal items or photographs into the reading space. This is by no means a requirement and simply a matter of personal preference.

Remember that a spiritual session is entirely about healing. Allow yourself to open up your heart and mind to receive unconditional and nonjudgmental, guidance.

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