🦋 Greetings! Thank you for reaching out for a reading. My goal is to enhance your professional life coaching spiritual medium experience and provide you with the most accurate reading (session) possible! Please take the time to see what I am able to help you with by looking at the options available. Thank you.

What is your availability? 📳

🌀 Please text 267-642-0430 directly to schedule your in person reading, event, group party, healing appointment, or phone session. Instant Same Day Readings are available via the Directory and Instant Reading Service.

🙂 Click Below To See If I Am Available Now For An Instant Reading. 🦋 It’s easy to sign up and completely anonymous. 📳

🦋 I am available for scheduled public and private events, half hour and one hour phone readings and in-person readings most days and nights Monday-Saturday between 10AM-10PM EST. Please text me at 267-642-0430 with your preferred appointment request after selecting of my available days/times below.

🙏🏼🇺🇸Available Appointment Times🇺🇸🙏🏼


8/1 Monday • 2PM • 4PM

8/2 Tuesday • 3PM • 5PM

8/3 Wednesday • 4PM • 6PM

8/4 Thursday • 7PM • 9PM

8/5 Friday • 5PM • 8PM

8/6 Saturday • 4PM • 7PM

8/7 Sunday •12PM

8/8 Monday • 1PM

8/9 Tuesday • 2PM • 4PM

8/10 Wednesday • 8PM • 10PM

8/11 Thursday • 1PM • 3PM

8/12 Friday • 12PM 

8/13 Saturday • 4PM

🦋 After scheduling a phone session, please send the fee via Venmo, PayPal or CashApp to confirm your reading date and time. I will call you at the time of your consultation. Thank you! 📳

Venmo- @ChristopherTrotter8

CashApp- $Trotter1111


🦋 What is the fee and length of a phone reading?

• 📲 The Service donation fee is $250 for a one-hour long directly scheduled private phone session.*

• 📲 The Service donation fee is $150 for a half hour long directly scheduled private phone session.*

• You May Text 267-642-0430 To Schedule 

*📞📳🤳* Instant Telephone Reading Rates*

The service donation fee is required upon booking to hold your scheduled appointment. Chris will text you after he receives it to reconfirm your date and time.

How do I prepare for a reading?

Please write down on a piece of paper 10 specific questions along with any names of Loved ones who have crossed over. More detailed instructions are listed on the front page of or .

Am I able to have another person join in?

All readings are private and one-on-one experience. Having another person present during the reading may interfere with the energies I pick up on. All sessions are confidential. Please ask for further options or inquire about group parties or events.

Are you offering in-person readings/parties/groups/events in 2022?

Yes! Please see above information or Text Christopher Trotter at 267-642-0430 for questions. Thank you! 🙂

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