Medium Chris Butler
Medium Chris Butler
Medium Chris Butler

Spiritual Clairvoyant Teaching Medium Chris Butler.

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Hi... I'm a Spiritual Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Teaching Medium working in the West Midlands.
I'm here for people who ask for help to find happiness and their spiritual path.  I do this in collaboration with my Spirit Guide and the Guardian Angels.
I've been giving readings, healing, doing demonstrations, running courses and workshops for over 37 years.

  1. CLAIRVOYANT READING AT MY PLACE £15.  (These are full, one to one Clairvoyant Readings) CLICK ON READINGS
  4. Development Circle  CLICK ON CIRCLE
  5. Individual Training. CLICK ON: PRIVATE COACHING.
  6. Spiritual Clairvoyant Medium West Midlands Please CLICK ON Contact Page for bookings. 

READINGS: My readings are friendly, totally honest and have a, no nonsense / no blarney approach and cover a wide range of subjects. The truth. I give you exactly what my Spirit Guide and your loved ones give me. 

Please note... All appointments require a deposit, (See Prices page)

How to become a Medium. Mediumship training and development UK.
We teach :- Relaxation. Visualization. (How to).  Clairvoyance practice. Mechanics of communication. Opening up & Closing down. Charkas. Auras The Guides. Semi trance. How to Control. Your agreement with Spirit. Cleansing methods. Aligning your charkas. Colours & Symbols. Quick route around spirit. Healing. Practical Clairvoyance. How to do a full clairvoyant reading. Communication with Guide practice. Psychometry. Automatic writing.
And a lot more. Please see the page of your choice.

Mediumship Development Courses for Beginners. 0121-561-1347
These Mediumship development courses are for beginners although intermediate level sitters and those wishing to, 'firm up', their connection with spirit are very welcome.
Many people ask me how they can learn to become a Medium and I have to tell them that it is not as difficult as some people would have you believe. All you really need is dedication and practice Oh, and a good teacher.
The Aim of this 5-week Mediumship Development Course is to teach you how to become a Medium and how to receive information from your Spirit Guide enabling you to give readings and help others 

Clairvoyant Readings:
0121-561-1347 (AT MY PLACE) £15.  B650PP. (These are full, one to one Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings) See Reading page  Clairvoyant Readings are given through the Mediumship of Spiritualist Clairvoyant Medium Chris Butler and his Spirit Guide. 

How to become a Medium Workshops (0121-561-13470 with Spiritual Medium Chris Butler. "Meet your Spirit Guide". How to receive practical clairvoyance. How to do a ReadingA One~Day workshop for beginners or, as a refesher day. £15 

Mediumship Development Circle. (Free). Our friendly mediumship circle for experienced sitters meets on Thursday evenings 7.30 and 9 (may run over). (B650PP)

Individual Mediumship Training. For people who want to move ahead CLICK ON PRIVATE TUITION
TEL: 0121-561-1347 or send me a message on the CONTACT page.

COURSES: Do you want to learn how to become a Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic?
Do you want a reading from a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant or, other type of reader?
Did you know that all the true information comes from Spirit?
READINGS: My Spirit Guide (Mathew) gives all the information you need for a comprehensive One to one Clairvoyant Reading at the time of your reading to help you become happier for the road ahead.
These are combination of Clairvoyance and Mediumship allowing me to receive all aspects of information from Spirit and your 'loved ones' so we can do our very best for you.
Please read all the notes on the readings page. Thanks.