Spiritual Medium Chris Butler
Spiritual Medium Birmingham
Spiritual Medium Birmingham

Psychic Medium Birmingham Chris Butler. For Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings, Mediumship Courses and Workshops Phone 0121-561-1347 or message me on the Contact Page

Clairvoyant Medium Chris Butler is an experienced Teaching Medium (37 years) who is based near Birmingham. (7 miles north and less than 20 minutes from Birmingham City Centre). Just off Junction 2 of the M5.
We specialise in teaching people how to meet their Spirit Guide and take their first steps along the pathway to deeper spiritual enlightenment. To achieve this we run Mediumship Development Courses, Workshops , Readings and a Circle and we keep the prices to a low level that EVERYONE can afford.
Help and advice for working Mediums in Birmingham area.

  • Mediumship Development Courses.  NEW dates for 2015...
  • The Aim of this 5-week Mediumship Development Course is to teach you teach you how to become a spiritual medium and how to receive information from your Spirit Guide enabling you to give readings and help others

  • Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings: (AT MY PLACE) £15.  B650PP. (These are full, one to one Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings) See Reading page
  • Clairvoyant Readings are given through the Mediumship of Spiritualist Clairvoyant Medium Chris Butler and his Spirit Guide.

  • Mediumship Development Workshops with Spiritual Medium Chris Butler... "Meet your Spirit Guide". How to receive practical clairvoyance. How to do a Reading.  A One~Day workshop for beginners or, as a refesher day. £15

  • Mediumship Development Circle... (Free) Our friendly open circle meets on Thursday evenings 7.30 and 9 (may run over). (B650PP)
  • Individual Private Tuition Mediumship Training: Could work for you

ALL Clairvoyant Readings are given through the Mediumship of Spiritualist Clairvoyant Teaching Medium Chris Butler and his Spirit Guide.

CLAIRVOYANT READING (AT MY PLACE) £15.  (These are full, one to one Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings)
  • READINGS: These are Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings which take a wholistic view of your state of life as it stands now and how best your reading will help you to become happier within yourself.
  • My readings are friendly, totally honest and have a no nonsense / no blarney approach.
  • I give you exactly what my Spirit Guide and your loved ones give me.
  • My Spirit Guide gives all the information which allows me to give you what you need.
    These are combination readings of Clairvoyance and Mediumship (I also get clair-audience and clair-sentience) allowing me to receive all aspects of communication to do our very best for you.

These are Spiritual Clairvoyant readings through the Mediumship of Chris Butler and his Spirit Guide and are a combination of...

CLAIRVOYANT... Means 'Clear seeing'. (I hear and sense too). I give you exactly what my Spirit Guide and your 'Loved ones' give to me.
MEDIUMSHIP... The ability to connect you with your loved ones in Spirit and receive information from My Guide and Your Guide especially for you.
PSYCHIC... About your life / everyday worries and concerns.
SPIRITUAL... Your Spiritual path and potential.

Deposit can be paid USING THE PAY PAL BUTTONS AND YOUR CREDIT CARD: Click on Payment Page

During your Reading: -

  1. I will always do my best for you.
  2. If I feel I'm not connecting with you in the first 5 minutes I will stop the reading.  (Don't worry...this doesn't happen very often / no charge).
  3. During your reading: Please remain relaxed, patient and open minded
  4. If I ask you any questions just answer with a clear...YES or NO. This eliminates the possibility of, 'cold reading' and is very important. 
  5. Spirit don't always tell you what you expect. They usually tell you what you need at the time of your reading.
  6. Loved Ones: I am guided by my Spirit Guide. If you expect a certain 'loved one' to come through you may be disappointed. I can't summon a particular spirit and wouldn't try.
  7. I will not elaborate or try to impress you. I can only give you the messages my Guide and Spirit give me.
  8. Always take professional advice where appropriate.
  9. Any Clairvoyant READINGS or Demonstration of Mediumship given by me has to be classified as: for entertainment purposes only.
  10. You are buying the Mediums time. Not Spirits.
Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Chris Butler. Clairvoyant Psychic READINGS from £15. UK. Your Spiritual Path. Messages from your, "Loved Ones"

  • How to get to my place 
    (I can send you a map and directions via Email...
    See CONTACT page)
  • Go into Google Maps and type in the post code. B65 0PP (See Google maps)
  • Less than 2 miles from the M5, Junction 2. (Toys R Us island).
  • Follow the Blackheath sign. (Crossroads of Mincing Lane & Oldbury Road)
  • My place is opposite Bloomfields Garage.(TEXECO)

  • Bus number 4 from Walsall / West Bromwich / Oldbury / Blackheath.  417 from Halesowen.  (THE BUS NUMBERS MAY HAVE CHANGED).
  • 127 & 128 from Birmingham go to Blackheath.
  • The 126 from Wolverhampton goes to the Toys R Us (Junction 2, M6 Motorway) island where you can get the # 4 towards Blackheath.

  • Rowley Regis Train Station is about 10 minutes walk. There are frequent trains to Walsall, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.
  • If you're not sure send me your Email address and I can send you an MAP
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