Kerry & Sue, Fri, 11 Apr 2014... Thank you very much for today. Really appreciate it. Will defiantly see u again in the near future.
Regards Kerry.

John Bride. September 2, 2013 .  As a professional medium myself I can state that Chris is an excellent medium and tutor of Mediumship. I have had Chris demonstrate at my church, where he has always had amazing feedback as well as a workshop that was great, Chris taught me new skills and practical work that once applied truly helped me develop further as a medium. I would highly advise anyone to see Chris work or teach, he is a great man and great light for spirit!

Andy Bench, January 7th 2014
...Chris you are beyond doubt a truly amazing clairvoyant, without your knowledge and spiritual understanding I would of never believed what I believe now, I am certain the door I have now opened is one that without you I would never of, I look forward to the advance course. God bless.

Victoria. October 2013. I have just completed the five weeks beginner development course last week. I can highly recommend this course if you are interested in connecting with your Guide and want to embark on your Spiritual journey. Chris is an excellent teacher. He is ‘strict’ and makes us work hard (because of time constraint) but always with a good humour and makes me laugh a lot. His course is very well structured and he gives us handouts to take home which I find most useful when I do my ‘home work’. I was nervous on the first day of the course but Chris quickly put me at ease and I have enjoyed attending his classes ever since. The learning environment is friendly and relaxing and I look forward to starting the ‘intermediate course’ this Thursday

Jayne. September 13th Comments: 
Had a lovely reading today. Everything Chris said was so spot on, from my own personal emotions to my relatives and friends that came through to say hi! There is no way Chris could have known anything about me yet he did know me. I feel so much better having this reading and it confirmed what I already knew really that my family do visit me sometimes. I will definitely have another reading and would recommend him highly. Thank you Chris x

READINGS Group. From Keighley;  July 2013... "Just want to say thank you for the reading yesterday, really enjoyed it, deffo want another reading off you soon as two other people I spoke to would also like a reading off you.

Readings Group. From Emma: Dec 2012. "We just wanted to say thank you very much for last night we throughly enjoyed it and found it extremely interesting. We'll definately be in touch for future readings and events".

(House Clearances). Natalie Stanton 8th March 13...Thank you for the invite. How have you been? It's been a good couple of years now since I met you, and since your visit we had no further occurrences in the house. Although I've had a couple of premonitions which were a tad scary (as they came true) - but on the plus my other half does listen to me now.

Lisa 28/2/2013:- Hi Chris... just wanted to pass on my thanks on behalf of my dad he's come back and told me all about his reading and was really grateful for the information you gave him, its amazing that you even mentioned my daughter Chloe you seem to describe her  and how bright she was, especially as we had come back from parents evening and every teacher had the same tonight... thanks again


PHIL comment: "Chris has been brilliant helping me from a nervous wreck to a confident & happy Medium. The development course is fantastic & I would recommend to all.
Thanks Chris your teachings really do work. Phil".

Steve W... November 2010.  Hi Chris,   Thank you for all your help and guidance on the five week development course.   Before your course I had sat in several circles, enrolled in other development groups, but had never felt able to 'connect'. 
On your course for the first time I have met my guide, who also introduced himself to me. 
I now know my guides name is Peter and I talk to him whether I am meditating or not.
It was a lovely feeling and has opened up so many channels for me, now that I can actually see progress. 
I must admit that before your course I was beginning to lose heart. 
I feel I am now moving on in leaps and bounds.

From Leslee:  Chris supplies a well structured professionally styled course in a friendly environment. I had amazing results; I found my Guide and much more...could easily go on and on!!!  

"Thank you so much Chris, for helping me to be able to meet and know my Spirit Guide. I cannot be anymore grateful.  I owe you more than you will ever know.  Nicki (Oakley) xx

From Claire: "The course was really good and enjoyable - it has helped me discover myself and my Guide and since then have continued to work with my Guide regularly. I can definitely recommend the course for anyone interested in connecting with their Guide and Spirit.

Tina :I would just like to thank you for your help and support over the last few weeks, I never expected to feel as excited and fulfilled as I do now.  I thought I would have to be attending lessons for years before I could talk to and receive messages from my guide.

From Bal:      I have contacted my guide many times, and I am very pleased with the results thanks to Chris, he is truly a remarkable teacher, he's the real deal, and walks his talk.     I'm really glad my path has led me, to Chris's course

LYNNE: September 2011 (Workshop)."Thanks so much for a great day,(Mediumship for beginners) thoroughly enjoyed it. This workshop is great for those just starting out on their spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend Chris".

Kim Comments 15th October: "Hi Chris....Thanks for yesterday, glad to find someone who can help me. Will do the exercises and look forward to hearing from you when development/workshops start. Kim"

FROM Tracey W. April 2011: 
It was so good to finally meet you! I felt like I had known you for years, you made me feel so welcome and relaxed - although being so tired it didn't take a lot! I would just like to thank you so very much for both you and your spirit guides time. Absolutely spot on and also informative. I feel now that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You definitely are too 'Cool For Cats'!  Smile   Take care lots of love,

From Katalina: 13th January 2011

Just want to say a massive thank you for my reading today I got messages from loved ones and everything you said was so true You shocked the life out of me. You knew things about me and my life, which was so spot on. You truly have a wonderful gift and I left your home feeling like a new person and like a weight Had been lifted of my shoulders. I would highly recommend you (all ready have to my friends) See you soon God bless Katalina.


From Charlie, Hampshire. Nov 2010 (Group of 10)... "Hi Chris, Thanks for the follow up.
We were really pleased with the evening and impressed by your tallents! I
think everyone had fun, even the sceptics!! "


25th March 2010; "Hello Chris,  I came for a reading last Tuesday you said my son was going to succeed at the meeting. Everything you wrote down was perfectly correct but I couldn't believe it. (At the time). I would like you accept a further £XX. 
Thank you". Sylvia. M.

30/11/09 Raegan
: I went to see Chris today and everything he said, I knew what he was on about.  I can't wait to go and see him again to see what else he says.

Bernadette.   Today's reading was an amazing 'experience'.  You gave me accurate information which I will use to move on with various life areas.

The way it was delivered in a no-nonsense and practical way is extremely helpful and I can only recommend you to people who truly want to make progress and want help to do so because that is what you do...provide much help and advice. Thank you.x.

Darren: The reading you gave was very accurate.  

I know the path I need to take now.

Karen: Thanks Chris Answered a lot of questions. Spot on on everything.

Donna: Thank you for your help and for guiding me to where I need to be.

Charles.    Thanks Chris!
I appreciate your time and efforts. It was a very insightful reading indeed.  You are amazing and knew things about me which I was very surprised to hear. 
I don't know how you do it? as I am thousands of miles away. It was a real pleasure speaking to you on the phone and helping me see clarity into what is happening in my life and what is or could arise in the near present future.

Raoni Angela
That was amazing & so accurate. Thank you very much x x

Thank you for my free reading Chris - that was very nice of you to do that - a nice surprise and very accurate - I will take in all that you have told me Thanks again.

thankyou chris how nice of you very accurate and what a lovely person i feel very lucky to have you as a friend god bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Many Many Thanks - Spot on. Understood everything. Thanks and Love to your Guide too x

Tracy:  Thanks Chris, I have really enjoyed my reading. It has helped me make the biggest decision of my life, (well, I had already made it but now I know it was the right one).  I have drawn hope and comfort with what you have told me.    

I now know I can do this and be a much happier and stronger person.

Julie:        Yes, I have to make that decision (Move to a bigger house).

Carol:        Thank you for your help. You are so accurate.

Wendy:      Interesting.  I will stop the tears.

Elaine:       Excellent reading. Spot on Chris. Lets hope that good luck comes soon.

Jo:             Thanks for the reading. It has made things more clear.

Ollie:         Very interesting and very fulfilling. I'm on the right path. Thank you.

Betty:        I am really impressed. Thank you so much.

Jean:        Thank you for my reading and for relieving my headache. (Healing)

REVIEWS. Birmingham Clairvoyant Teaching Medium Chris Butler

From Mediums. 
Richard 'H'. 20/09/10. 
Hi Chris,this my new e mail address. Many thanks for the reading, I found it very helpful and confidence boosting.
I did a psychic fair yesterday at Blaby, it was very quiet but I did a couple of good readings.  Take care speak to you soon.

Mark E 19/10.10
After attending a 2 hour consultation with Chris at his home I have come away with more understanding about my mediumship. This has enabled me to connect to my spirit guide and has given me more of a stronger link with the spirit world. I would highly recommend anyone from Beginner level through to advanced mediums.

Workshops (Travelling)

Andrea Elliott
Attended a "Meet your Spirit Guide" workshop with Chris today.
I would recommended Chris to anyone wanting to make a solid connection with their guide and work with spirit. He is a very warm and friendly teacher who explains the whys and where fors in an easy to follow method.
Thank you Chris :0) xx

Medium James Edwards. it was amazing a great teacher and man thanks Chris,one of the best.

Jeff Elliott Thank you for the day Chris, thoroughly enjoyed it, very informative - Highly Recommended!

Spiritual Medium Chris Butler Reviews.  Clairvoyant & Spiritual Teaching Medium UK. . Attended a, 'Meet your Spirit Guide' workshop with Chris today. I would recommended Chris to anyone wanting to make a solid connection with their Spirit Guide. Spiritual Medium. Testimonials